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Coming Soon: Battery-Powered Z-Wave Scene Control Buttons

By Gary Muhlestein
Posted January 29, 2016

Coming Soon: Battery-Powered Z-Wave Scene Control Buttons

Being able to control your automated home from a smart phone has had a certain wow-factor, but having to unlock the phone’s screen, find the app, and then find the button on the touch screen gets to be bothersome. It would be much easier to have a dedicated hardware button mounted within easy reach, especially when you’re in a hurry or are in a panic situation. Now suddenly we have a crop of smart, mount-anywhere, battery-powered Z-Wave buttons on the way.

The Fibaro “Button” comes in 7 different colors and can be mounted anywhere in the home. Up to five pre-programmed scenes can be initiated from a single button through single-press, double-press, and hold-down operations. The Fibaro Button can also directly control Z-Wave devices, without the need for a controller/hub, by means of device associations.

Fibaro Colored Buttons

The Aeotec Wallmote will light up at night when it senses your presence. It can control up to 16 different scenes and provide a dimming function through various finger motions on the 2.5-inch tempered glass touch panel. The Wallmote is USB rechargeable and comes with a mounting plate for easy installation.

Aeotec Wallmote

The Remotec ZRC-90 is Z-Wave Plus certified and is currently shipping. It can control up to 16 scenes by single-tapping or double-tapping its 8 buttons. The ZRC-90 can be attached to its mounting base, or it can be used as a roaming remote. The ZRC-90 is powered by two AAA batteries, which will last up to one year at 30 button-presses per day.

Remotec ZRC-90

The Philio “Smart Color Button” acts as both an on/off button and as a rotating dimmer control (when mounted vertically). The Smart Color Button features an RGBW back light, and the button can be removed from its magnetic base for recharging or for roaming operation. A two-hour charge should last for six months.

Philio Smart Color Button

The Octan remote from Nodon can act as a primary controller, controlling Z-Wave devices directly, or it can be used as a scene controller with your automation gateway. The Octan is magnetic and can be stuck to any steel surface, or it can be hung on its included base. The Octan is Z-Wave Plus compliant and is powered by a CR2032 battery, with a projected battery life of 1.5 to 2 years.

Nodon Octane